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Akycha Surette


The goal of my work is to create enigmatic imagery through a combination of beauty and repellence. My pieces centre around the human form: the articulation and abstraction of limbs, and the interaction of figures with each other, their surroundings and the viewer. Incorporated in my imagery are objects which mimic both the natural and fabricated world. These objects reference my experiences and philosophies and are becoming elements of my personal iconography. My work is a post-modern collage of disparate, almost random elements, which set up psychological tensions inviting the viewer to be engaged emotionally, psychologically and intellectually.

I currently work within Studio Surette specializing in raku-fired ceramics, which affords continuingly exciting challenges through the manipulation of glazes and the firing process. Using our own clay recipe and innovative firing techniques allows me to experiment with larger forms within each tile section of wall mural.
Ceramics as art and craft is securely linked to both the functional and symbolic, and in that sense I think there is a strong importance on both the visual and tactile texturing of the clay, one which I continue to incorporate in my imagery. Within my work I combine elements of drawing, painting and sculpture, impressing into, building up and carving out my surfaces, on top of which I attach separately constructed figures. By juxtaposing elements of the natural world and referencing architectural structures through my tile shapes, and columnar and building forms, I acknowledge a modern human tension between industrial and non-industrial space.

Exhibition Record

  1. 2008: Petroff Gallery, Toronto, Ont., Studio Surette

  2. 2007: Snapdragon Gallery, Ottawa, Ont., Studio Surette show

  3. 2007: Shayne Gallery, Montreal, Qc., Studio Surette show

  4. 2006: Dental Gallery, Toronto, Ont., Solo exhibition.

  5. 2004: Carlen Gallery, Ottawa, Ont., Solo show.

  6. 2004: Graduate Exhibition at Concordia University, Montreal, Qc.

  7. 2002: Snapdragon Gallery in Ottawa, Ont., Studio Surette show

  8. 2001: A Show of Hands-Petroff Gallery in Toronto, Ont., Studio Surette show

  9. 2001: Gallery 611 in Toronto, Ont., Studio Surette show

  10. 2001: Cannington House in Oakville, Ont., Studio Surette show

  11. 2000: Studio Arts Exhibition at Concordia University, Montreal, Qc.

  12. 1999: Graduate Exhibition at Dawson College, Montreal, Qc.

  13. 1998: Intercollegiate Art Exhibition, Montreal, Qc.

Wholesale and Retail Art and Craft Shows

  1. 2009: The Moose Show, CBC Concourse, Toronto, Ont. With Studio Surette.

  2. 2006-2007: Toronto Art Expo, 60 Atlantic Avenue, Studio 109, Toronto, Ont. Juried Fine Arts Exhibition

  3. 2004: The Philadelphia Buyers' Market, Pennsylvania Convention Centre, Philadelphia, United-States.

  4. 2001-2005&2010: By Hand, Metro Toronto Convention Centre, South Building, 222 Bremner Boulevard, Toronto, Ont.

  5. 1999-2006: One of a Kind, Direct Energy Centre, Toronto, Ont. Annually spring and winter, with Studio Surette.

  6. 1997-2001: Muskoka Arts and Crafts, Bracebridge, Ont.

  7. 1997-1998: Toronto Outdoor Exhibition, Toronto, Ont.



Surette, Susan "Créativité, Éthique et Comportement." In Longchamps, Denis, Ed. Itineraire: Rendez-vous 2009 en metiers d'art. Montreal; Cahiers metiers d'art/ Craft Journal, 2010, pp.109-116, Akycha Surette images: p.112


Three weeks working with Paul Day at his studio in France.

Awards Received


  1. 1999: Entrance Scholarship for Academic Excellence from Concordia University, Montreal, Qc.

Scholastic Record

  1. 1999-2004: Graduated B.F.A. with Distinction

Concordia University

1455, de Maisonneuve Blvd. W.

Montreal, Qc.

H3G 1M8

  1. 1997-1999: Dawson College

3040 Sherbrooke St. W.

Montreal, Qc.

H3Z 1A4